Monday, August 16, 2010

.....Episod 220..... - Where I belong -

YOG opening was sooo amazing that i felt very proud to be a singaporean . I am already proud laa but i feel prouder now ..haha ? boleh tak prouder... haha ~

The beating of the drums makes your heart beat faster while watching the torch bearers passes the torch from one to another... its a wow opening... loving it. But i cant seem to find a perfect video showing the scene . yg kat mesir tu pepandai la carik eh kt youtube~ ..huhu

Looking at how singapore has been making tremendous progress over the years makes me thinking ~~Singapore is trying as hard as she could to roar up high all over the world getting people to realise our potentials and talents kan ? .. sooo being a very nice citizen hahaha~ .. i would really like to participate in making Singapore proud with its individuals...(sahut seruan la kata orang ) Hoping to make sg proud in my own way~ with that very same talent n potential :D ... huhu ... apa? athlete jek pe boleh contribute.... cet.. smarang jek~ bak kata hussin po0da cinggama... hihi


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