Tuesday, August 10, 2010

....Episod 219..... - A trip i will never forget - *blessed :D*

( Congratulations to all 5 yg ada dalam pic ni~ .. API sngporean grads ~ :D )


Penat berjalan malam khamis blom lagi habis , i was thinking of having a rest dalam bilik hotel the whole friday tp entah la what makes me wanna join masyitah in receiving her award for best student ke hapa ntah laa~ ... so Off we go to UM on Friday morning . hmm ... UM is a lot more nicer and bigger than what i imagined uh tapi rasanya UIA lagi cantik la... maklumlaa UM kan dah 105 tahun~ hihii ... - Masyitah mesti bangga xp


Honestly this is my first time attending a convocation in a University and also the first time i have the opprtnty to see how excited graduates are upon receiving their respective scroll - cert . The smiles are really enchanting . They make u feel like u want to have a graduation the next morning . It was nice . The feeling + the families + the bouquet of flowers + graduation teddies - the waiting.. heeee ~


My main purpose of going to KL is of course yayasan restu la kan n masyitah nye convo . Tak sempat nak cakap tima kasih betol2 kat aunty jaja , abg hanif , ija n nisa yang susah2 hantarkan pegi shah alam dr subang ... Thx alot la kat dorg ni~ .. without them mungkin aku akan kena naik taxi jee kot heeeeeee~ ...

Datang2 jek kena masuk seminar... tak sangka tapi it was a blessing to be part of the seminar Masya Allah . Lunch break aku tros jumpa ust baki n jumpa ust yusuf . Sembang2 dengan ust yusuf ~ Ust kata " saya tertarik dengan tulisan diwani ust ghazlan , tp saya lagi tertarik dengan tulisan ust ghazal~ " ust suh carik notes ni , lepas ni kene jumpa sorg pelajar nama fathy utk dapatkan kurasah tu .

The most important thing is i had a very satisfying conversation with ust baki abu bakar.. Malaysia first khattat who is responsible for the production of mushaf malaysia . I know i am a nobody compared to him and because of that i am not going to waste any of my time while i have the chance to ask him every single unsettled questions that i have in my mind~..

In a nutshell (waaa rindu gp ) , My mind is now very settled on what i am going to do when i return to egypt nanti ... haiz... lega... im more confident with my calligraphy skrg ni ... Perjuangan untuk Islam .... Memartabatkan kesenian yang hampir dilupakan kehebatannya ~ :)

Whats more important for me is to notice that i left yayasan restu with a smile k :) . I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy~! ...


The smile didnt stop there . After masyitahs' convocation , i lived with a family who my parents knew since years ago but i failed to remember then .They were sooo cool , soo funny , so lively and soo everything. 2 hari kat sana rasa cm dah 20 hari xp. Aunty suka sangat cerita2 sal the family , i find their stories interesting ah... it makes me smile lah actually ... aunty herself is a very jovial person.. funny .. considerate.. soo mak . Whenever im with aunty , i will miss mak more .. coz she resembles her in alot of ways ... Bila tgk huda manja2 , it makes me smile too .... she is soo cute and adorable kay ~ .. loving her ~ ... and to her sisters who has been a very nice company ... im loving them oso kay~ ... waa rasa rindu plak kat dorg~

Seriously , i will never forget this trip , a trip where i get to meet new people , new personalities , new conversations and a new resolution for my new semester that will start very soon ~ .. a very exciting experience indeed :) ..

Smile smile smile smile smile smile ..... Smile~ and the world will smile with you~