Tuesday, December 15, 2009

.....ePiSoD 184..... - Harum sundal malam -

( credits to farah umainah and her dslr :D )

I bought this flower 2 days ago ... and guess what... bunga ros tu dah bloom into something nicer ... :D , i just love its presence in the room , it makes me want to smile all the time ... aniway , apart from ward , i bought myself zambaks @ harum sundal malam again . And again , my frens complained... heh , whteva laa i dun care..~

They said , zambak has this creepy smell ... well, it is not creepy at all actually . just because pontianak harum sundal malam favor the smell of zambak does not make it the official pontianak's flower k. blueks~~~ ..When i first told my fren this is harum sundal malam , i get the 'ewww' look from them. yeah yeah i know its funny its weird , but what to do , malay ppl gave it that name kan... tima je laa... Tapi kesian kan kat bunga ni ... people are scared of them becoz of other ppl who r maybe jealous of their smell ( :p )and make them the pontianaks flower .. ~ heh ,

Apa pun , that is not the hightlight of this post . Aku cuma nak bagitau yang aku akan terus aktif beli bunga.... sebaaab... i got prob with fiqh~ i seriously have prob with fiqh.. tk faham~... susah~.. nak nanges boleh??? atleast bunga boleh mententeramkan pale hotak ni utk saat2 yg aku perlukan.... memang rasa buang duit ah.... tp takpela... aku hepi~.... sooo ppl , there is more harum sundal malam to come... hakhakhak....