Tuesday, April 20, 2010

....Episod 202..... - Spontan -

Salamullahi'alaykum ...

dear diary ... it has been a long time since i last look out for you to listen to my same old whinings and complaints and heartbreaks and bla bla bla ...

Huaaa~ macam rindu plak nak tulis pat diary ... syiok sendiri .... dengan dunia aku dan diary... huhu ... gone are the days ... da lama aku simpan niat nak bakar semua diari2 yg pernah aku ada... tapi macam tak terlaksana plak .... dah lah tu selamba tinggalkan kat singapore ( fiqa pls jgn bongkar my bookshelf eh ! ) . Tengat gak kat isi2 dia.. first crush laa hapa laa haha kental~ ... pasal inspirational people i met .... huhu ... what else ? hmm ...all the sajak that i wrote ... haiz.. its already a past tense . anw , forget about it .

I chatted with a friend yesterday and at the end of the conversation he asked me a very interesting question ... " Fatya , how have you been doing with your lajnah ? , i mean how's everything " .. " Well ... fine... everything is good , only that i think i'm going crazy heeee ".... " Are you joking ? hows the people whom you are working with ?" " Serious laa.. i think im going crazy huahua ... i get to work with talented and great people alhamdulillah " .... " haha.. i cannot believe this .. u look so calm , i mean looking at how u juggle kuliah , extra classes and lajnah , u have been so calm " .... " haha.. yeah.. yela tu ... i seldom smile tau ...even though i'm always one of the hyperactive members when it comes to programme ... but deep down , enough is enough ... my mind can no longer stand the pressure ..huhu "

Apa yang aku nak sampaikan kat sini adalah .... Kesibukan tu pasti akan menimpa each and everyone of us ... i seriously regard this busyness that im facing as a training so bila balik singapore nanti tak kelam kabut sebab kat sini dah biasa terkejar2 and pressured . Bak kata orang , biar terkejar2 sekarang... kalau terkejar2 bila balik nanti dah menyusahkan diri... huahua ^_^" .

Besides smiling... and trying to be as positive as possible... i have found something else to make me haaapppyyyy~~~ and that is .... SPONTAN. I really love this prog . wlwpun ada org kata cm lawak bodoh jek kan .... i say : whatever k. lawak bodoh is still a lawak k ....

my comment for spontan : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

* oUH anw .. Happy 26th Aniversary to abah n mak .... :) , sembarang aaahh makan steamboat pee.... fine~ i also go out k just now , celebrate ... go makan at kfc... huhu