Wednesday, February 14, 2007

....Episode 15....- Love is in the air -

Dear friends,
i shall now announce something that will make you very very shocked, indeed it will be a thing not to be expected from me ... well, actually... i'm in love. hehe believe it or not but yes i am in love.. i am a bit crazy about this love right now. (only my best and close friends knew abt this love, esp farna hihi ) I am speechless and am lost at words as i have nothing to describe this love. I have no idea how to express it, well, i have never been in love before so this is a totally new thing for me.Nice experience . Wanna know ' who ' am i in love with ??.... this image is all i can give for a clue.. :-) Happy guessing ...

Oh Allah... please make my heart as firm as zeest .. here are some words on love i get from 'my love' ( it's a poem, a very inspiring one ) :

Down to earth but is like the sky
That wax soft is like rock like
Hidden within my heart for so long
She is like a host in my heart
In the journey, step by step along with me
She is like a milestone towards the destination
When fading hope is like a drowning boat
the attraction of her being is like a sail
Whenever hardships make me desperate
just a single glance of hers comforts me
Although she is always in front of me
still,it seems that she's like a mirage

ok,it doesnt rhyme,coz it is originally adapted from an urdu poem titled Zameen Par hai magaar Aasmaan jaisi hai ( i expect masyitah to understand this hehehe). Well,honestly it is one of my greatest love not my first of course .... and it will not be my last and that is for sure ... alhamdulillah , ... akhirnya dapat jugak ku post pasal cinta ni.. dan buat pertama kalinya dlm english .. :-)