Tuesday, February 8, 2011

......Episod 232.... - From Rumi With Love -

" O lover of God , receive every sorrow and agony that comes to visit you with a smiling face so that when they return to the One who sent them to you , they do not complain of you ,

Treat them well so that they testify to God , ' O God , I stayed with such and such of your slaves for a few days and he received me well , he did not complain about me to others , he was not sad; on the contrary , he showed me hospitality , and was patient with me . This slave of yours surely loves you . Protect him . "

- Mesnevi

Learn the secret of happiness from the prophet , and be happy with whatever God gives you
If you are patient and content with whatever happens to you and do not complaint , instantly the doors of heaven opens to you
If the messenger of sorrows comes to you , receive him as an old friend and hug him . He is not a stranger to you , you surely have acquaintance with him
Do not show a sour face toward the adversity that comes from the Beloved , receive it with joy . Say " Hello and welcome!" show a smiling face and say nice words so that that unique , beautiful being removes its unpleasent cover and shows its beauty
Firmly grasp at the end of the cover of that beautiful being that came covered with sorrow . Never release it . Do not think of the dirtiness of the cover . The being under the cover is very beautiful , sweet and faithful .
The calamity of sorrow can see me not frightened or worried but only smiling . I do not invite sorrow in the guise of joy .On the contrary , I invite the remedy disguised as sickness
Be sure that there can be nothing sweeter or more sacred than sorrow . Its reward is infinite .

- Diwani kabir

Smile okayy ahmadun ~ :D