Monday, January 11, 2010

.....Episod 187..... - Yaa lani'mal hayaah -

Nama pun manusia kan... susah nak merasa cukup .... ada je yang tak kena , ade je yang kurang... what more can i ask for ? i have everything i wanted , and yet i do not stop complainin..... what more can i ask for ? i have everything i needed ... and yet i never stop whining ... i have everything~ and i still feel as if i have nothing~ ... family .. friends ... money ... foods.... masyayikhs.... laughters... health .. i am too rich in this temporary earth i am standing on .... May Allah make me one of the richest ppl in the hereafter~ ..

Many3 thanks to those who have read my previous post and make a prayer for me and also for those who gave me gifts to motivate me.... i did not expect that to happen... for real k ..

To Dada : Thnk u for e white rose ..... :) - for the dark chocolate - for the note
To Syarif ians : Thnk u for the caramel cinnabon - for the motivational note
To Abu ar-rayyan : Thank u for the immediate call from medina .. and thank u for the message~ ....

Everything is gonna be okay real soon ..... " selagi tak jejak qaah imtihan tu ... selagi tu kt ada masa untuk belajar " ......

"Kemiskinan yang sebenarnya bukanlah kerana kekurangan harta benda... tapi kekurangan azam .. tawakkal dan redha ...."