Saturday, January 9, 2010

.....Episod 186..... - giving up??! -

Entah kenapa migraine ni datang lagi .... somebody once said this to me... if it is not because of my blood circulation , then definitely it has got something to do with my anxiety level ...~ yes i agree .... the part of me that i have been denying ... is .... i am not as calm as what i potray myself to be .... and i am feeling terribly terrible right now ...

Entah apa yang aku risaukan ~ .. imtihan kee?.... entah apa yang aku fikir2kan sangat... imtihan kee? .. entah apa yang aku takutkan sangat~... imtihan kee? SEMUANYA tentang imtihan.... apa yang menghantui aku dua tahun yang lalu kembali lagi~ ... belum cukup lagi kesan mim sad ra' dalam jiwa aku ni ..... belum cukup lagi~ ... belum cukup lagi kee??masih tk cukup lagi ke???.. mungkin~ ...

Sesiapa pun tk akan ingin nak merasakan apa yang pernah suatu ketika dahulu menjadi kenangan yang tk ingin dia ingati~... whatever happened last year and last two years... i accepted it as a blessing~.. a blessing not everybody has the chance to taste it ...~i do not know whyyyy~~~ but im stressed .... stressed... and seriously i feel like going back... back to where i came from .... i feel like giving up ... nak angkat bendera putih boleh??~~

Mak~... can i give up?? :'( , mak~ am i a failure?? ~~ ..mak~ kakak masih tk cukup sabar ke mak~? tak cukup sabar ke mak~? ... nak balik boleh tk mak??? boleh tak abah ??

still~.. giving up is not as easy as it sounds~ ... entah mana pergi semangat aku~ .. entah mana pergi semangat aku~ ....entah mana semangat tu hilang~ .... entah laa..~ love love n love.... ppl , remind me of the love plss~ .. :'(