Monday, June 1, 2009

....Episod 159.... - January -

Personality traits for January

  • Ambitious and serious
  • Loves to teach and be taught
  • Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses
  • Likes to criticize
  • Hardworking and productive
  • Smart, neat and organized
  • Sensitive and has deep thoughts
  • Knows how to make others happy
  • Quiet unless excited or tensed
  • Rather reserved
  • Highly attentive
  • Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds
  • Romantic but has difficulties expressing love
  • Loves children
  • Homely person
  • Loyal
  • Needs to improve social abilities
  • Easily jealous

And i have no idea how true is this... but people said they get this from researchers .. soo..? partly correct kot ( ego tau taknak mengaku :p)


It started long ago , when I was in my pre-u years . I was soo driven to do test quizzes
which apparently lah somehow makes u know more about yourselves . Yes I know its pathetic , I should be doing some self reflection instead . I seriously have no idea what initiate me on doing all this tests..heh . I find this funny , having someone telling me who I really am actually displeases me a bit , but I enjoy it if it was the results of the quizzes I took . ( Apa eh beza ? ) , Maybe bezanya is , i just do not want others to get to learn about my behaviors and ideas which I would rather keep it to myself and let it remain a secret ,huhu~ … Teringat kata ustaz dulu kat sekola “ Kalau ana ada buat silap tegur ana , al muslim miratul muslim “ Barakallahu fiik ust . So I guess I should and must trust those who have been telling me who I am and stop doing test quizzes which can be deceiving at times. lalala~ ….. so these are examples of the results hehe..( out of a few hundreds ah klw tk silap :D )

What's Your True Color?


You're green, the color of growth and vigor. Good-hearted and giving, you have a knack for finding and bringing out the best in people. Green is the most down-to-earth color in the spectrum — reliable and trustworthy. People know they can count on you to be around in times of need, since your concern for people is genuine and sincere. You take pride in being a good friend. For you, success is measured in terms of personal achievement and growth, not by status or position. Rare as emeralds, greens are wonderful, natural people. It truly is your color!

Yeah , i think this is true ( the color tau not the description ) , y ? because green has been my all time fav color.... tapi orang cuma tau yang i like purple and brown ... currently , apart from green an white , memang saya suka purple n brown , tapi dah namanya quiz kan .. huhu .. kira ok la tuh ...

When Do You Risk It All?


Whether it's trying to change the course of history or just sticking up for a down-on-their-luck friend, you go the distance when it comes to doing what's right. Idealistic and opinionated, you're probably the one people come to when they need a helping hand or a little advice. Like some kind of knight in shining armor (come on, you know you can picture it) you love rescuing anyone and everyone who needs assistance. Good thing we've got you around!

But we don't meant to say you're always out there crusading for good causes; even you have to take a break and let the world save itself every once in a while. And you've probably caused a little trouble too, right? But it's not long until you are back on the quest for justice. Everyone's on your side!

I seriously am hoping that i am not the first one to run and save my own life and tinggalkan everybody looking for solutions all by themselves..~ lalala~

What Kind of Monkey Are You?


That's right, chimps are the Einsteins of the primate world (so long as you're not counting that species known as human). That's why you might find that you're known as the tinkerer and the "smarty pants" amongst your friends and co-workers. Like most chimpanzees, you're probably an excellent problem-solver and can often find an answer for any conundrum that presents itself — whether you're trying to escape from your cage, making new tools out of twigs, or figuring out how to lure that cute chimp from the next tree over with your charm and affections.

But beyond your brains, you're also known as gregarious and empathetic — you'd help a little old baboon cross the street and then run off to your next venture.

If you're like your chimp cousins in the wild, you'll also have an interest in homeopathic meds and will believe firmly in being healthy through exercise and play. Many chimps steer toward vegetarianism, though the natural world won't begrudge you a meaty meal if that's more your style.

In an argument, you rarely speak without thinking about the emotional toll it might take on the other person, but because you are such a rational thinker, you rarely find yourself in arguments for very long. You tend to convince people of your thought process and resulting opinion with very little resistance. And for you, the best part of the argument is when you can make up.

my first reaction was... is this for real ?? monkey and chimpanzees ... I find it hard to understand lah ... putting myself in a chimpanzees shoes... hakhakhak...

Status : Tengah bosan tunggu exam yang tak kunjung tiba lagi~... hmmph .. ( nak pegi mansoura !! )